May 12, 2000

Dear Friends, acquaintances, and surfers,

On this day I came to my site to start a new page for MEMORIAL DAY. It will be a memorable day, as I found numorous pages gone. Whatever the justification is ... "SO BE IT"...
First and foremost, once again a personal, heart felt... 'THANK YOU' to all the United States Veterans. To all those who's names and pages found a home on my Veterans pages. My deepest apologizes for the loss of several of these pages.


For all those who helped support and had a link to my page for the missing and abused children... FOR ALL THE CHILDREN AMONG US! another personal... 'THANK YOU' and God Bless everyone for watching out for the little ones. Kathy[Chatty-Kathy], thank you so much for the extra space you provided for the children.

To the 'VA Bluesman'... Thank You for sharing the love of the music. May it always continue to play sweet and true from here on in.

For all those who started out with me on homepage designing... Nancy[aaa-na], Mar[Java47], Linda[snowqueen aka snowfromky], madu1[Piper], Paty[Patycake9431]... it was a blast and I loved ever moment. (Thank goodness for cotton balls, snowballs, waterballons, and only we know what else).

For everyone that visited my site THE HEART OF COUNTRYfoxzz...signed my guest books and or emailed me with reponses of how much they enjoyed their visit... 'THANK YOU' once again.

I try never to leave any loose ends. What was not lost I have removed. This site along with my four others at TRIPOD and my two at ANGELFIRE have been removed completely. There are no directories, images, etc left under these sites. Only this page.
As for my REAL AUDIO pages at GEOCITIES, I am still deciding if I will rework them again. There are already many WORKING real audio sites out there to enjoy and sooner or later G2 will be coming for WebTV users.
In computer language...HTML...means HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. For COUNTRYfoxzz the meaning was a little different.
H=happiness, helping,& hoping.
T=today, tomorrow, & togetherness.
M=magic, music, & memories.
L=learning, listening, & laughter.

Add all these together and the outcome equals one thing.


as always,


For everything there is a TIME and a SEASON